Openshift: Deployment Using WebConsole

Khemnath chauhan
4 min readFeb 10, 2024

There are multiple ways to deploy application in OpenShift.

  • Using Web console
  • Using OC Cli method.

Red Hat OpenShift allows to use the web console to install an application directly from source code hosted in a GitHub repository. All you need to do is declare the location of the source code, add some configuration information, and start the installation process.
OpenShift does the work of downloading the source code from the GitHub repository and then building a Linux container based on the source code.
- That Linux container is created as a pod(s) in the underlying OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster.
- OpenShift does the work of creating a service that allows network access to the pod from within the cluster.
- OpenShift also creates a route to the application if the application needs to be publicly accessible.

Web console View:

  1. In the OpenShift web console, select Add from the left-side vertical menu.

2. An all service page appears. Under All items, there is a search field. Type Python. This action filters out all text blocks except those that are relevant to Python.

3. Select the text block labeled Python. You’ll be presented with a web page that is unique to the Python service you’ve just selected. You will use this web page to install a Python application from source code. Select Create.

Create the application

When you select Create , a web page will appear titled Create to Source-To-Image Application. You’ll use this web page to import source code into OpenShift that’s stored in GitHub. You’ll use OpenShift’s Source-To-Image capabilities to create a Linux container that represents the application running in OpenShift.

  1. Enter the GIT Repo URL.

2. Your Create to Source-To-Image Application selection has automatically filled-in values for the Application and Name fields of the General section
Can update as well based on our app name & Conventions

3. Scroll until you reach Advanced options.
Select Create a route to the Application. This means that as part of the application creation process, OpenShift will automatically create a URL that allows access to the application from the Internet.

Install an application from a container image repository using the OpenShift web console.

1. Login to console, On left panel select +Add

2. The Deploy Image tab appears. This where you declare the location of the container image according to a public container image repository. This container image represents the application to install in OpenShift.

3. Add the text in the Image name from an external registry field.

4. Once an application is created from the container image as described in the previous steps, you can view the application in a web browser, provided that the application is a web application represented with a URL.

Delete the application using the OpenShift web console:

1. Delete an application running in OpenShift by right clicking on the circular graphic representing the application in Topology view and selecting the Delete Application text from the dialog that appears when you click the graphic’s outer ring.

  • Right-click on the outer ring of the circular icon, then select Delete Application.
Right-click the outer ring of the application.
Deleting an application using the OpenShift web console requires confirmation.