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In recent past cloud computing have gain lots of attention. Many small, medium and large enterprise have started moving their workload to cloud infrastructure.

There are multiple Cloud player in market- among all the few large or great players are — AWS, GCP, AZURE.

In this series, i will explore AWS CLOUD.

What is CLOUD Computing?
Cloud computing is defined as the use of hosted services, such as data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software over the internet.

What is AWS CLOUD?
AWS is CLOUD Platform built by AMAZON and publicly available since 2006. It’s public cloud platform which has global presence with 200+ services.

Why CLOUD platform?
Some of the Advantages of using the CLOUD Platform.
- Increase speed and agility.
- Trade capital expense for variable expense.
- Benefit from massive economies of scale.
- Ease of managing capacity requirement.
- Focus on what matters.
- Multiple geographical presence make global setup easy(faster).


AWS Global Infrastructure- Source BeSA

How does AWS Service STACK Looks like?

What is AZ(Availability Zone)?
Group of Datacenter represents AZs.

AZs- source BeSA.

What is Region?
Group of AZs make a Region.



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